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The Day Jesus Came into My Life

The day Jesus came into my life, the wings of butterflies seemed brighter, the sun shed a rosier glow.

The sunbeams seemed to dance a little faster, the breezes softly did blow.

The grass seemed a little greener.

Every flower with more color glowed.

The day that Jesus came into my life, my heart filled with his love flowed.

The birds flew a little bit higher as they sang their symphony.

All of Gods’ creatures open up my eyes to see the beauty.

I never had noticed what I viewed now with such wonderous awe, in the sea, the trees and the mountains, Gods’ power and great love I sow.

My heart was so filled with joy as my spirit within seemed to soar.

With all nature my heart seemed to cry out, He is worthy to be adored.

May God bless you in 2017 to experience the Love of our God.

Audrey P. Schanck!

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