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Angela S. Gibson

Pastor Angela S. Gibson was born and raised in Ewing, NJ by her late Mother, Eleanor Vaughan and her late Grandmother Anna Mae Allen. She contributes her beliefs and determination to the teachings of these two beautiful women.

She is a self published author and blogger.  Her current project, “Bloodstains”,  follows three generations of women from domestic violence through deliverance.   It is a fiction novel based off of her life, and although not a memoir, it was inspired by many of her memories and flashbacks. Writing this book has been one of the hardest things she's ever done. But her hope is that publishing this story will encourage women who have experienced both physical and mental abuse to break free from this cycle of abuse.

Pastor Gibson and her husband, Harvey J. Gibson, Jr. are the founders of Beyond the Walls Outreach Ministries where their focus is to Equip, Educate and Empower those that are looking to cultivate their passion for God. 

My Philosophy

Writing has been the place where I can spill my soul into my pen & paper.  If you want to know who I am, then you have to read what I write. Writing is the Voice of My Soul!

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