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A Gift Called Mother!

In this lifetime, there is no bond stronger than the one between a Mother and her children.  The first source of nourishment that a child ever receives is through the blood flow in the umbilical cord which is the first connection between that mother and child. And even though the umbilical cord is cut when the child is born, the connection doesn’t end there.

Have you ever noticed that children who are not raised by their birth parents live their lives searching for that connection that they had in the womb.  Some make it their lives mission to find that missing parent as if they’re searching for a pot of gold.

I often tell the story about the night before my mother passed away.  I was sitting on the couch watching television, she sat next to me as she often did but this time it was very different.  I felt a strong urge to look at her, really look…at the veins in her hands, the features in her face, observe the way she laughed, how she crossed her legs and really listen to her voice.  I didn’t understand it that night, felt like I was in a movie and thought it was very strange. But that was the very last time that I would be able to take her fragrance in.  Since her passing………I’ve been searching for a pot of gold that will never be found again. And even after her death, that umbilical cord connection is still there. She will always live through my mannerisms, my thoughts and when I look in the mirror, my face.

A Mother is….

  1. the person whose words you will learn to cherish

  2. the person who chastises and loves simultaneously

  3. the person whose ways you will instinctively mimic one day

  4. the person who you will cherish long after she’s gone

She is the first relationship you’ll experience, your biggest supporter, the rose that stands tall in the midst of all of life’s troubles,  a Mother is everything.

One day that child will look back and realize that she is a chef, a teacher, a gardener, a maid, a chauffeur, a guard, an inventor a genius and an Angel.

Thank God for the Gift called Mother.

Peace, Ms. Ellie’s Girl

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