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Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Masks Hide

Masks Cover

Masks Protect

Masks Disguise

Masks Entertain

Masks give us a false sense of Power because we can be whomever we choose to be.  Masks hide the shame that we feel from our past screw ups and they cover embarrassment.  Masks hide pain, anxiety, confusion and fear.  If you have low self esteem and no confidence in yourself, put on a Mask and it will hide that.

When the Mask is on, the world sees a happy image even though our souls are filled with depression, burdens and sadness. We decorate our faces with MAC and Iman and become ‘picture perfect’, but hidden from the world are manifestations of rejection, ugliness, inelegance and flaws.  When the Mask is on, our mouths speak love even though our hearts speak disappointment, jealousy and hatred. Behind our smile, lives years of suffering and abuse, some physical, some mental. Masks block the tears that fall from our eyes so that the world never sees our vulnerability.

Behind every smile is where the real YOU is hiding

What would happen if we took the Mask off? If we exposed our Real Self to the world? Is it possible that healing would take place? Is it possible that when we allow the world to see who we are, when we allow the tears to fall, when we face the truths in our lies, when we come clean with our alter ego that we receive Freedom? Freedom to be Healed? Freedom to Live? Freedom to walk without fear? Freedom to Love our Authentic Self? Freedom to Become?

Yes, it is true that old wounds will open and we will be sensitive to pain and Yes, we will break, like shattered glass.

But our Healing is in the Breaking because if We Break,

God can put us back together. 

It’s time to take the Mask off ! YOU’VE BEEN WEARING IT FAR TOO LONG! It’s time for you to be the Authentic and Unique.  When you take it off you move out of isolation into intimacy. No one will ever know your real story until you reveal yourself. Your inner circle right now is loving the person you presume to be but if you take the mask off God will surround you with the people that love you because of who he created you to be..

I want to extend an invitation to you today to Take the Mask Off!

I declare that if you find the courage to do it, God will give you Beauty for Ashes….

Lord today, give us the courage to walk in authenticity and to live guilt free lives.  Cover us with your love and heal us where we are broken. In Jesus Name we Pray….Amen.

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