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A Mother’s Love!

One of the most difficult roles that we as Women have, is that of a Mother.

We give so much of ourselves away, our time, energy, our knowledge, sleep and female instinct to nourish our children.  How amazing it is to have such a strong connection with a person that we haven’t yet seen. A connection so strong that even while I carried each of my children in my belly, I knew the gender of each child before birth; Rashead, a boy; Porsche, a girl and Isaac, Jr. a boy. What insight that is; Prophesy? Maybe….or it could just be how strong a Mother’s Love is. When Porsche was born, we were so connected that as I was giving birth, I developed hiccups and when they put her on my chest, she hiccupped back at me. 🙂  God has entrusted us, Women, with birthing and nurturing a generation. How amazing is that!

I believe that A Mother’s Love is one of the strongest bonds on this earth. When my Mother passed away, I could literally feel her as her spirit was detaching itself from this earth.  As the emergency team was were working on resuscitating her, I knew that with all of their efforts, she was leaving this place. Just as I felt that, she was probably feeling the same thing but knowing that she had given me all that she had to give and it was now time for me to take my wings and fly. It was at that moment that I felt the most lonely feeling I have ever felt. We feel our children’s heartaches, their pain, their joy, and their laughter, because we are connected to them. And they feel our’s as well.

What we must learn in Mothering is that there is no Book to direct you for this job, no school that you can enroll in and no TV Channel to turn on for instruction. This is all done by Motherly instinct and God Given Ability. You will make some good decisions and some bad decisions.  We must nurture, love, show them the way, do all that we can, pray, fast, be good examples, and one day watch them grow up and live their own lives.

Women, when we love, WE LOVE HARD! We literally love to death……our children, our men, our parents, our family, our friends. But we tend to forget about ourselves. The same love that we turn on for the rest of the world, we must turn on ourselves in order for others to get the best of us. That same Motherly Love that we give out, we have to learn to give to ourselves. We have to learn how to connect to who we are and in the midst of all that we do, we have to learn how to listen to our instincts.  As Women, we have a sixth sense, an inner voice. Find a quiet place everyday and listen to it. When God speaks, listen and move with his will.

Thank God for your strength and your ability to do all that you do! Your job is not easy and I’m sure that sometimes you try to figure out how you fulfill all of the roles that you have; Wife, Friend, sometimes you have to take on the attributes of a Father, Employee, Lover and your most challenging job, a Mother.  Whew! And still look Good! Amazing!

Take a minute today to thank God for making you the strong individual that you are! In the words of Elder R.T. Virgil, “it’s a poor frog that doesn’t praise his own pond”.  Don’t look for praise from the outside, today, you give yourself a pat on the back!

Angela S. Gibson, aka, Ms. Ellie’s Girl

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth.” William W. Purkey

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