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Have you ever really…been loved?

I think it’s amazing how frequently we use these three words, I Love You. The words are thrown around so much sometimes that I wonder if we’ve ever really…..been loved?


Webster’s Dictionary defines love as, “a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person.” The key word here is “constant“, meaning it doesn’t change, it’s unconditional.  Love never dies and death cannot destroy it. Sickness doesn’t change love, financial crisis’ doesn’t change love and it cannot be traded for a new model.   It just is what it is.

The next time that someone says, I Love You, examine it closely.  Is it really love?  Does it cause you pain & heartache?  Does it include you or does it simply serve a temporary purpose in the life of the person whose lips spoke the words?

1 Corinthians 13:46 describes love as patient, kind, not jealous, not selfish, keeps no record of wrongs and it never fails.

Love…..loves you for who you are and looks past your faults to find the good. Love….guards your heart and makes you feel protected. Love…is honest and will not lie no matter how hard it may be for you to accept the truth. Love…no matter how insecure you may be, the reassurance that love gives makes it all better. Love… doesn’t hold you back but challenges you to grow and to live life at it’s fullest.

Love…If you’ve experienced it, if you are in it, give it back, nurture it, appreciate it and whatever you do, don’t ever let Love go.

Have you ever really been loved?

Peace….Ms. Ellie’s Girl

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