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Living in Abundance


Normally, when I hear people talk about abundance, the conversation is about money or the finer things in life. An abundance of fine clothes, cars, houses, etc, etc, etc.  But the more “seasoned” I become, the more I yearn for things that really matter; peace, joy, love, patience….you know the things that make our life complete; the things that are the substance of a full life.

How wonderful this world would be if we could experience an abundance of peace? The world is full of so much violence. In America we have seen some of the most brutal crimes but violence is not just here on our soil but in Israel, in the Ukraine, Nigeria and in Afghanistan and all over the world. What if we had an abundance of peace instead of so much hatred in the world? 

What happened to the times when we could send our children outside to play and not worry about whether or not they would be safe? And when we could leave our front doors unlocked and didn’t have to worry about home invasions and other horrible acts of hatred? What we need is an abundance of love in the world!  Love for our neighbors and Love for all mankind.  

In Matthew 24:12, the bible says that in the last days, the love of many would wax cold. Well, I think we’re experiencing that right now.  

Yes, I would love to have all of the riches that America has to offer. I would love to fill my closet with beautiful clothes and red bottom shoes and all of the other beautiful things that we have access to.  But I believe that living in abundance is greater than material things. If you follow your dreams, you will fill your life up with the things that money can buy. But my greatest desire is that my children, grandchildren and future generations get to experience abundant peace, abundant joy and I pray that their lives be full of the abundance of love. 

The next time you pray for abundance, go deeper, go past the material things that you can buy, pray for those things that only our God can provide.

Live in Abundance!


Ms. Ellie’s Girl!

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