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My Prayer by Ms. Ellie’s Girl

This is my Prayer,

That all that I’ve been THROUGH and all that I share with you  has been an inspiration to some young girl, some woman who is experiencing Soul Pain, to PUSH past your past! Your past does NOT define who you are today or who you are destined to become.

That even though you feel weak right now, I pray that something inside of your belly reminds you that the Lord Is your strength. Hold your head up….Put your shoulders back and Keep it Moving!

My prayer is that with all the wrongs that you have been committed to,  that you have done or participated in; that you have taken the time to repent. For we ALL have sinned, but it’s those that have received a spiritual transformation that will one day see the face of Jesus.

I pray that this blog has been food for your soul and not just mere words typed in a website.

My prayer is that my living has NOT been in vain. I pray daily that women are lifted, I pray that women are healed, I pray that women are empowered, I pray that women find the strength to move FORWARD.  I pray that you don’t become bitter, but better!

I pray that all the Hell you’ve been through, has brought you to a place where you have the strength to kick the junk out of your life. If it ain’t pleasing to GOD, then it shouldn’t be pleasing to you.  You Are Worthy of so much more!

This Is my Prayer…….Ms. Ellie’s Girl

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