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My Precious Jewel

This morning as I was in my space, in my quiet time, I picked up my mother’s journal and found this entry;

Precious Jewels

“Angie, You are my Joy and my Precious Jewel of my heart and my life, Eleanor.”

Wow, I really needed to see these word this morning.  How would she know that even after she was not here physically that I would need to be encouraged by her words? That I would need to hear her say one more time, just how beautiful I am and how much she expected from me and that I would need her words to bring me a fresh spring of nourishment.

She was my biggest cheerleader and even in her death, through her journaling and my memories, she Still IS my biggest cheerleader.

I’m so glad that somewhere, at some point in her final days here on this earth, she found the time to write messages, just for me. It’s as if her voice lives on. Who would have known that I would NEED to read these words, over….and over….and over again until they pierced my heart and lifted my soul. I loved my mother, with all of her faults and with all of her flaws and with all of the things that made her who she was……..I……Loved…..Her! And many people don’t get to experience love on this level.

But I’m so glad that I did/do know what it’s like to be loved. It’s this love that will get me out of the house and on my way when I feel like crawling under the covers and giving up.

I WRITE, because one day, someone will need these words to pierce their heart and lift their spirit. On that Mother’s Day, when I purchased this journal and put it in her hands, I did not know that it would be “the heartbeat” that would take me through the day.

Thank you God, for a love that has been planted in the fiber of my soul.

Peace! Ms. Ellie’s Girl

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