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One Last Look!

I’ve had an opportunity to see some of the most beautiful things in life; the waterfalls in Canada, the blue, clear, glassy waters in Cancun, Mexico, the sparkling lights at night when flying into Las Vegas and most recently the wonderful world of Walt Disney.

William Shakespeare said, “The Eyes are the window to your soul”.  My soul has absorbed some of the most beautiful sights!  I’ve been blessed to visit some of the most beautiful places and I will never forget those experiences, there are some people that I’ve had in my life whose faces are implanted in my soul.

As I walked through Disney and looked at all of the technique and labor that was put into building those parks, I took a long hard look because I knew that it would be my last look at that beautiful place.  At this point in my life I can say that I’ve been there a couple times and that’s not a place that I desire to visit again.  It was hot & rainy, there was 100 minute waits to get on rides and I realized that this is no longer how I choose to vacation.  This was for the grandkids and they had so much fun.  I’m glad that I played a role in getting them there because every child needs to experience that place at least once.

I can say the same for Cancun, Mexico…I’ve been there twice, enjoyed the clear water and the warm weather, but I have no desire to go back.  So, I have had my last look at that place, those are memories that are written across my heart.

Now, just like those places that I’ve had one last look at, there are places in my life that I can say, I’ve had my last look. I have a desire to see the pyramids in Egypt but If I continue to go back to Cancun & Disney, I will never get to Egypt. I now know when it’s time to let things go.  Maturity has taught me how to say, it’s over.

Holding on means that there are new experiences and blessings that we choose to deny and for the time that I have left I will not deny my soul the opportunity to live.  Is it at all possible that our soul no longer sees beauty in the things that no longer makes our hearts beat fast?

What do YOU need to let go of? Who do YOU need to glance at one last time so that you can give your soul an opportunity to live? What are you holding on that no longer makes your heart beat fast, that no longer has a pulse?

I dare you to take One Last Look at that dead relationship, that exhausting experience, One Last Look at that person that continues to hold you back from walking in your destiny and LIVE!!

Let go and Live!

Ms. Ellie’s Girl

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