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Me Chilling in Chicago

As I sit here, immersed in the midst of Gods’ beauty, I have an inner feeling of home, of warmth, of comfort ability. It’s as if this place that I’m in has been waiting, for me

If I had gotten here any other time, I wouldn’t have been in a state of mind to appreciate all that’s around me.

My soul welcomes each rose as it opens up to the warmth of a summer day, and I am thankful.

Thankful that I have eyes to see the grasshoppers as they jump, care-free through the gardens.

Thankful for the butterflies as they majestically spread their wings and fly.

Thankful that I can smell the fragrances all around me.

Botanical Gardens

I am thankful for the tree that sprouts up to kiss the heavens, bending with the forces of nature

but never breaking.

Angie in Botanical Gardens

And I am right where I belong, and No, this won’t last forever,

but for this moment….I am thankful…..


Ms.. Ellie’s Girl

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