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Who Are You?


Isn’t it funny that the person that you spend the most time with, is the person that you spend the least time with? I know, that sounds like an oxymoron but it’s true.  We spend every second of every day with ourselves but yet we spend so little time getting to know ourselves.

Who Are you?

We can describe the people around us. Our friends, our children, our siblings, our enemies, actors, sports figures, etc…but when it comes to answering the question of who we are, we struggle with finding an answer. The reason for this is because we spend very little time with ourselves. Quiet moments are rare but necessary.

We spend countless hours seeking the presence of others to entertain us, to hold conversations with, to consult with, to motivate and inspire us. When we’re not living our lives through television sitcoms, we’re tuned into Social Media which has allowed us to be in the presence of the entire world. Periscope, a new app, has even given us an opportunity to view others lives in the present moment.

I think we’re cheating ourselves!  How can we create our lives roadmap if we don’t know the person that we’re creating it for. What are your true desires?  What makes your heart flutter when you think about it? What motivates your moves?  What is burning in your soul that you MUST accomplish? There are things that speak to you to draw you to your life’s purpose. Take a chance on yourself! If you never seek, you will never find.

I want to challenge you for the next 7 days to complete your I AM.  Sit still for 10 minutes for the next 7 days and start your journal with these words, I AM. Don’t just write down words with no meaning, but write your Soul answers.  Who does your Soul say that you are?

Let me know what you discover! Living Life on Purpose!

Peace….Ms. Ellie’s Girl!

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