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You Are So Beautiful!

(Reblog because I just had to!)

To all of the Beautiful women who will take the time to read these words,

We definitely have our differences! We come from different backgrounds; African-American, Caucasian, Asian, Latino, Hispanic, Jamaican, etc. …. We come from different family structures; some big, some small, some grew up with the typical white picket fence family, some came from single parent households, and in some households were lucky if you there were ANY adults there. Dysfunction may be one of the lightest adverbs to describe your situation.

We have our differences of opinion about hair; relaxer or dreads, dress style: dress suit or jeans, what size heels we should wear, whether he’s cute or ugly, (you know we think it, even if we don’t say it.), and even who can cook the best pot of greens or the cheesiest pan of lasagna. 🙂

But the one thing that we all have in common are Challenges. At one time or another we have all been faced with hard decisions. Things that have made our make up stain our faces, situations that have kept us awake at night, praying for the sun to rise, reaching for something to take the pain away, something that will make us forget our identity.

Maybe you’ve been physically or mentally abused, mistreated by the one person you decided to trust, you may be HIV Positive, alone and depressed, widowed or maybe you’ve let your body get so out of control that you can’t stand to walk past a mirror for fear that you’ll see yourself.

Listen Ladies, if you are reading this, that means that you are still here, there is still life, there is still hope. This may be the darkest hour that you’ve ever experienced but it doesn’t matter, you’re still here.  Breathe In and Breathe Out! Open your spiritual eyes and look past your Challenge, Fight Through It, Get Through It, it’s Just A Matter of Time before it passes….This Too Shall Pass!  You’re wallet might have loose papers & dust in it. Your car may be in the driveway and even if you wanted to drive it, you don’t see a way to pay the repair bill. You’re husband, you’re man, you’re significant other may be a great disappointment to you, but look in the mirror. What do you see? Better yet, What does God see?

Well, through God’s eyes, you are a beautiful, wonderfully made woman who was created in his image.  YOU…ARE…SO…. BEAUTIFUL! And I don’t care what the enemy told you, YOU…ARE …SO…. BEAUTIFUL! Yes, we all have had our share of challenges. I’ve cried many nights, so many that I should have made an investment in Kleenex tissues to get something back for all the pain that I’ve felt.

I’ve been so close to the edge that I’m still in shock sometimes over the things that I’ve made it through, oops, I mean the things I’m going through right now. But for every Challenge that I’ve been faced with,  I have a testimony of How I Made It Through. One thing for sure, it’s not Over Yet! I’m Still Here!

Now Get up, Dust yourself off, Wipe Away your Sorrow! You Are Courageous and You Are A Overcomer.

 You Are Strong AND You Are Beautiful!


Angela S. Gibson aka Ms. Ellie’s Girl!

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